Bondi and bondi

In an effort to make your visit as comfortable and personal as possible, we would like to take a few minutes to share some information about our practice.  We want you to know that the entire staff at our office is here to help you with your foot care needs.
is a medical and surgical specialty dealing with foot conditions.  This includes skin, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.
Our physicians
are board certified Podiatric surgeons with more than 42 years of combined, highly regarded local experience. Dr. Laurel Bondi is a past member of the Missouri State Board of Podiatry as well as the past president of the Missouri Podiatric Medical Association.  Dr. Robert Bondi has served as the past director of the Kansas City Podiatry residency program and is currently a clinical professor in the Dept. of Orthopedics at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine.  As podiatrists, they can help you with all of your foot care needs from routine foot care to complex surgical corrections. They have completed extensive training, which includes: four years of podiatric school, two years of podiatric surgery training followed by formal certifying exams.  Their education is an ongoing process with regular participation in continuing education programs.


We are here to help you with:

*Ankle Fractures
*Heel Pain
*Ingrown Toenails
*Wart Removal

What We Do...

At Bondi and Bondi, we want to help you maintain the best foot health possible. Our practice offers individual care and provides comprehensive foot and ankle care. We have a well-trained staff to ensure that patients are treated in a courteous, professional, and kind manner.